Interface JetGridPanel2

All Superinterfaces:
java.lang.Cloneable, Decodeable, JetChildComponent, JetComponent, JetGridPanel, JetParentComponent,
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public interface JetGridPanel2
extends JetGridPanel

Nested Class Summary
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Method Summary
 java.lang.Object clone()
          needs to be implemented
 void decodeForm(java.lang.StringBuilder builder, JetContext jetContext)
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getCols, setCols
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add, add, decodeGetString, encode, getChild, getChilds, remove, reset, setChilds
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getForm, getParent, isHidden, setParent, toggleHidden
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addListener, addListener, componentChanged, findComponent, findComponents, getIdentifier, getName, getStyleclass, incrementIdentifier, removeListener, removeListener, setComponentChanged, setContinueIdentifier, setIdentifier, setName, setStyleclass

Method Detail


void decodeForm(java.lang.StringBuilder builder,
                JetContext jetContext)
Specified by:
decodeForm in interface Decodeable
Specified by:
decodeForm in interface JetComponent
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decodeForm in interface JetGridPanel


java.lang.Object clone()
Description copied from interface: Cloneable
needs to be implemented

Specified by:
clone in interface JetComponent
Specified by:
clone in interface JetGridPanel
Obejct the clone of it