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^5 Core macros (Freemarker)
These are the following macros already exists:
(Ther will follow macros for tables and menu etc.)
(NOTE: each attribute with give value is optional)
  • <#errors>
    prints all (validation) errors
  • <#infos>
    prints all info messages
  • <#warns>
    prints allwarnign messages
  • <#messages>
    prints all messages
  • <#debug>
    renders an linkfor enabling/disabling debug infos
  • <#form name="?" compress="TRUE">
    inserts the specified name
  • <#link messageKey="?" href="#" class="?" >
    renders a link with given message key
  • <#data key hash=".vars">
    prints value for the given data key

  • Special macros for feature support
  • <#js_es>
    includes javascript for jses
  • <#js_cm>
    includes javascript for client bases localisation
  • <#cm key="?" class="">
    renders/handles a message client side
  • <#js_pt>
    includes javascript for prototype support
  • <#js_xmlextra>
    includes xmlextra javascript for jses support
  • <#js_all>
    includes all javascript at once
  • <#languages&igt;
    renders a selection with flags for client message support
  • <#css_lang>
    includes css definitios for language selection
  • <#css url="?">
    icludes the given url as css
  • <#js url="?">
    includes the given url as javascript
  • <#linkrel url="?" rel="?">
    includes the given url as link
  • <#linkrel_es>
    includes the event sheet file for jses